The City of Santa Fe has produced an app for both the City and Eldorado for monitoring your water use. You can sign up for the app at To sign up you will need your address and your Santa Fe Water Utility customer number.

The app itself is designed to allow you to track your water use on a hourly, daily, monthly and yearly basis. In addition is also uses your information to detect spikes that could be indicative of leaks in your plumbing or irrigation system.

Leaks are something we deal with several times every year. They can be surprisingly serious and costly with little or no warning. A broken irrigation line or leak in a plumbing pipe can cause the waste of a large amount of water in no time at all. Being able to monitor your daily water use and compare it to your use history is an excellent method of ensuring you do not have any leaks in your systems.

Personally, I found that being able to see how many gallons we use in our house every day is an exciting challenge for me to see if I can keep our water use close to Santa Fe’s remarkable low average level of 52 gallons per person per day. I quickly noticed that during the summer months I was using quite a bit more water than I do in the winter months, which got me thinking about the plants I chose to keep in my yard and what plants might be better suited as yard mates.

Regardless of what your interest may be checking out this app is defiantly worth some of your time. If you do let us know what you think!


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