“Why are we growing 40,00 acres of lawns just to make them look nice when they can look beautiful and be productive?”

I was recently directed towards a NBC Nightly News clip that focused on the work of the group Fleet Farming based in Orlando, Florida. I was pretty excited to see something like this make into a mainstream news story. By THIS I mean a story about converting the sacred American front lawn into a vegetable garden. Something that has been met with controversy around the US but seems to have been embraced in Orlando. This group, Fleet Farming, has taken the front yard garden to the next level and has created what they are calling Fleet Farmlettes.

Each potential farmlette must be a minimum of 500 square feet in size to be eligible for their program. Eligibility is a pretty cool thing considering what it provides a home owner. For those that do qualify Fleet Farms will install an organic garden on your land for a one time payment of $500.00. Considering the cost of a landscape installation or the cost of landscape care this is an exceptional deal. Not only does this cover the cost of the installation BUT Fleet Farms then cares for this plot with its cadre of bike riding farmletters providing a share of the produce to the home owner and the rest to farmers markets and farm to table operations.

I really love this model that engages homeowners and the larger community in food production and food sovereignty. The Fleet Farm crews directs volunteers in farming their neighborhoods traveling door to door on bike. This is so cool in so many ways, obviously. Somebody here in Santa Fe should really think about taking a look at this model and start pumping out some serious City Different Greens. I’d be a happy buyer and supplier of a plot!

In case you missed my hot links above check out Fleet Farmings website here: Fleet Farming’s Website

And take a gander at NBC’s story here:

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