San Isidro Permaculture is a leader in hydro seeding and re-vegetation in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the greater south west. Our hydro seeding projects cover a broad range of scales and applications. These include large-scale projects such as on the sites of the recent fires in the Jemez Mountains or the newly built dam in Los Alamos. We also hydro seed new developments and other large scale disturbed sites and many smaller scale sites. We have hydro seeded a large number of private residences where clients have invested in establishing native meadows filled with native grasses and wildflowers. For every hydro seeding project we develop a site-specific blend of native grasses, wildflowers and shrubs.

Our hydro seeding and re-vegetation work is considered the highest quality in the region. This is the result of the process we have developed over 15 years of providing this service. For each seeding project we prepare the site for the seed application by removing large debris and stones. This is followed by the addition of soil amendments, which can range from the importation and tilling in of organic compost to a simple application of an organic multi spectrum fertilizer such as Yum Yum Mix. Once the site has been prepared and the soil has been amended we then rake the site to roughen the soil to create furrows in which the newly laid seed will sit. Then we apply the seed mix we’ve developed with your site, which we then cover with a thin layer of Blue Grama Grass straw that is then covered with a layer of hydro mulch to hold the seed and straw in place.

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