San Isidro Permaculture is a leader in erosion control design and development in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the greater south west. Erosion is the gradual wearing away of our soils and land. Erosion can take place over long periods of time or can happen over night. In Santa Fe and the greater southwest the major cause of erosion is water runoff, which can easily be seen in the arroyos that criss-cross the landscapes that surround us. Erosion is a serious and growing problem in Santa Fe and the southwest. With changing climates and continued development we are getting larger storms with increased amounts of rain and increased runoff from more and more impermeable surfaces we are seeing a lot more erosion washing away our precious soils and land.

San Isidro Permaculture is an expert at the design and development of high quality and  sustainable erosion control services in Santa Fe for over fifteen years. We work with ecologically rooted storm water management and erosion control strategies in the mitigation of erosion and the development of sustainable sites. We work with residential, commercial and government clients on sites of all scales. Our work is focused on the development and implementation of sustainably formed sites that infiltrate water onsite, benefiting the local plants, hydrology and preventing soil loss to erosion.

We believe that erosion control is an essential aspect in the sustainable management of the built landscape and take great pride in being able to help our community in the preservation of our precious soil and water!

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