Hydro Seeding and Native Re-Vegetation

Our hydro seeding and re-vegetation work is considered the highest quality in the region. This is the result of the process we have developed over 15 years of providing this service.

Erosion Control

With changing climates and continued development we are getting larger storms with increased amounts of rain and increased runoff from more and more impermeable surfaces we are seeing a lot more erosion washing away our precious soils and land.

Watershed Restoration

Regardless of your situation or location San Isidro Permaculture can help you map the flows of water through your site and help you plan and execute the appropriate management strategies.

Native Xeric Landscapes

With knowledge of and experience working within a range of habitats and ecosystems we are able to develop healthy and functional landscapes that incorporate both native plants and the native systems in which they thrive.

Wildfire Management

With the changing global climate the southwest is being exposed to long periods of drought, which has increased homeowner’s risk of fire.

Habitat Restoration

We work with landowners to develop long term plans to maintain the health of their native lands.

Education and Consulting

international_consultingJeremiah Kidd teaches Permaculture and other related courses in the USA and abroad. In recent years Jeremiah has organized and taught Permaculture Design courses at various locations throughout Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. He has also been teaching at other institutions in the USA, guest lectures on many topics, offers free webinars and offers local classes on related topics. Jeremiah and San Isidro Permaculture are dedicated to sharing knowledge of Permaculture and regenerative design to promote healthy productive communities while benefitting the greater ecosystem.

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