Irrigation systems are an essential element in any healthy and sustainable landscape here in the Southwest. They will help you conserve water and money while ensuring your plants receive the water they need to thrive!

San Isidro Permaculture has extensive knowledge and experience installing, maintaining and repairing irrigation systems of all types and and all sizes. We can design and  install irrigation systems that are connected to rainwater harvesting systems, wells, your city water supply or any combination of these sources.

With over 15 years of experience working with irrigation systems you can rest assured that the irrigation system we install for you will be reliable and high quality. We use only the best quality materials that have been time tested in the field including Rain Bird, Irritrol and Hunter Industries products.

Our Irrigation System Specialization:

  • Water Supply Assembly and Repair (City, Well and Water Harvesting Supplies)
  • Valve Box Assembly and Repair
  • Irrigation Line Assembly and Repair
  • Drip Irrigation Assembly and Repair
  • Sprinkler Irrigation Assembly and Repair
  • Irrigation Winterizations and Spring Activations
  • Temporary Drip Irrigation System Assembly and Repair
  • Temporary Sprinkler Irrigation Assembly and Repair

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