As part of our expertise in edible landscape design, development and maintenance we also provide our clients with services focused on orchards and vineyards. We work as an orchard and vineyard ​consultants ​with many clients in the initial stages of developing new projects or in​ revitalizing​ older orchard and vineyard​s​. With our knowledge of local conditions and the many species of fruit and nut trees and fruiting vines that thrive in the southwest we can assist you in the initial stages of planning your own orchard or vineyard or in assessing the health and productivity of those you currently care for.

San Isidro Permaculture​ provide​s​ detailed design services for the establishment of new orchard​s​ and vineyards as well as other types of productive landscapes including perennial gardens​. Following the consultation phase of new projects we create detailed plans that take into account passive water harvesting, soil types​​ and soil amendments, irrigation systems, tree and vine layout, ​mid level productive shrubs and ​cover cropping ​to create a functioning food forest​. We also provide expert tree, shrub and vine pruning and maintenance services, which are an essential aspect of orchard and vineyard health and productivity.

Please contact us is you have any thoughts or questions regarding any aspect of these services as we are always excited to help people get their own orchard or vineyard established.

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