Permaculture Design & Ecological Landscape Design

Providing comprehensive design / build services for projects large and small.

Regenerative Landscaping

Landscape maintenance services that adhere to the ethics of regenerative design and development. We will work with you to create a customized maintenance program for your space.

Water Harvesting

Water is essential to life, and the key ingredient in a productive landscape. Rainwater, snowmelt, and greywater can be harnessed to benefit your landscape, and with our decades of experience in water harvesting, we can help.

Irrigation Systems

Whether the source is city water, well water, harvested rainwater, or a combination, we have the expertise to design, install, and maintain an irrigation systems that is efficient and effective.

Land Restoration

We can help with watershed restoration, erosion, habitat restoration and  wildfire management.  San Isidro Permaculture specializes in native xeric landscaping and re-vegetation.


Installation of edible landscapes, food forests, orchards and vineyards.

Education and Consulting

Owner Jeremiah Kidd teaches Permaculture and other related courses in the USA and abroad. In recent years Jeremiah has organized and taught Permaculture Design courses at various locations throughout Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. He has also been teaching at other institutions in the USA, guest lectures on many topics, offers free webinars and offers local classes on related topics. Jeremiah and San Isidro Permaculture are dedicated to sharing knowledge of Permaculture and regenerative design to promote healthy productive communities while benefitting the greater ecosystem.

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