This design and installation project included a site analysis and permaculture design. The development of this site is build around a system of swales and ponding areas constructed on contour that are fed from the client’s acequia. The acequia inlet is at the south-east corner of the client’s home and is manually operated by the client according to their yearly water rights. This water is then dispersed throughout the swale system to passively water the food forest that the client is currently working on installing in stages. Our scope of work included permaculture design, contract bidding and the installation of the earthworks systems shown on the plan.

This client wanted to make better use of his irrigation water, previously only reaching about ten fruit trees and then exiting straight to the river, with the help of San Isidro Permaculture the new design moves the precious water over most of the property to spread and benefit at least five times more area than before. A series of swales (ditches on contour) and infiltration basins move the water slowly through the landscape to allow the soil to become a sponge that will support a multi layered edible food forest. At San Isidro Permaculture we strive to integrate beauty and function in every project.

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