San Isidro Permaculture’s design and consultation is rooted in the ethics of permaculture: caring for the earth, caring for people and reinvesting the surplus. We have been providing comprehensive landscape and permaculture design based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and extending throughout the USA and beyond.

With every project San Isidro Permaculture focuses on designing and building abundantly productive and beautiful landscapes. We work tirelessly to  create a state of ideal ecologic health on the site while simultaneously working to establish mutually beneficial connections between the sites many elements.

Our design and consultation work takes place on many scales and in many different situations. These include private residences, farms and ranches, communities, public spaces, natural areas and infrastructure projects. Every project we work on has it’s own requirements, challenges and opportunities and therefore it’s own character.

Examples of projects we work with include regenerative perennial food production systems, habitat restoration, passive and active water harvesting systems, grey water systems, residential – commercial – civil landscape development, green building and renewable energy.

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